“We have been so pleased with Dr. Spielberg and her staff for 10 years. Dr. Spielberg has provided wonderful treatment for our three boys and we will be sending our daughter to her as well. For a good orthodontic experience; we gladly recommend the office of Dr. Spielberg.”

Shawn and Anne Marie McGinty

“My youngest son had just completed 8th grade and was about to start high school in 2008. We felt he should get braces for some minor correction of his teeth. We had only been here a short time and asked a neighbor if they recommended anyone. They advised us to go to Spielberg Orthodontics. When we lived in Virginia, our oldest son had braces for a short while to correct a cross bite, which was our only experience with orthodontics. It was not a pleasant one I might add. The office we went to in Virginia was huge. The patients were treated like a number, which is not a good feeling when you are 9-years-old. So the first thing I noticed when we walked into Dr. Spielberg’s office was how pleasant everyone was and how down to earth and home like her office felt. We met with Dr. Spielberg for a consultation and knew we had hit the jackpot. Since that first visit, I have had braces and my oldest son is now completing a second set to finally correct his cross bite that the orthodontist in Virginia never corrected. To sum it all up, we love Dr. Spielberg and highly recommend her to anyone.”

The Overton Family

“Thank you so much for giving my daughter back her smile. It’s been over a year since she had her Damon System braces removed and I cannot tell you how much she loves her teeth as much as I do. I cannot get over how nice her smile is. Thank you for having a system that works and gives kids back their confidence. Alex had braces as an 8-9 year old for a short period of time, and then had the Damon System put on by Dr. Alena Spielberg, followed by a gingivectomy. Wow! As her mom I cannot stop looking at her smile.

Thank you so much!!!!”

Photos of before, during and after braces

Karen Wilkinson

“My daughter Alexandra had a horrible mouth! We were afraid that she was going to need extensive oral surgery and one orthodontist even suggested possible jaw reconstruction surgery! When we met with Dr. Spielberg, we were very impressed with her treatment plan and decided to go with her. I can’t tell you how happy we all are with the results! Alexandra’s mouth is a thing of beauty now! No surgery was necessary and we felt like Dr. Spielberg and her staff went above and beyond for us throughout the process. I have recommended her office to so many of my friends and everyone has had a great experience.”

Susan Cowles

“I visited other orthodontists before selecting Dr. Spielberg. I knew she was right for my son when he said ‘Mom, I’m ready for braces if Dr. Spielberg is my orthodontist. Now when we come into the office, I feel like we are seeing good friends and catching up on things since we’ve last seen each other.”

Kareen Burd

“We feel fortunate to have found Dr. Spielberg and her staff. My oldest two children used another orthodontist in town who is retiring and when you get used to things being done a certain way it’s hard to imagine you will find someone similar to what you are used to. Dr. Spielberg and her staff have exceeded our expectations. They are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They are extremely punctual and if they are running late for any reason they let you know and don’t keep you wondering what is going on. My daughter had to have surgery to pull down a tooth and they don’t just give you a couple of names to go and research. Caitlin helped me research my different options and I am so glad she did because we went with the laser surgery and it was a much less invasive procedure and at almost half the cost. Caroline was up and about in no time. Dr. Spielberg always takes the time to come out and go over anything new that is going on or if a change is going to be coming up so you feel like you are working together as a team. I would highly recommend Dr. Spielberg and her staff to anyone looking for an orthodontist in this area. At least come in and visit. I think you will be sold.”

The Owens Family